Referrals to and within the Practice

Your dentist may refer you to our practice if you have a specific dental problem, either for an opinion or for the actual treatment. The referral process begins when your practice sends us your details. We will then offer you an initial consultation with the dentist or specialist to whom you have been referred, or with the most appropriate person if this has not been specified.

We don’t normally carry out treatment during the first appointment, it is chiefly an opportunity for the dentist or specialist to examine you and discuss your treatment options. You will also be free to ask questions, so you can take an active part in the decision-making process. You will be asked to further appointments as necessary.

If you are already one of our patients and you have a problem, which you or your regular dentist feel would benefit from referral to one of our specialists, you will normally be referred by one of our general dental practitioners. If you are registered at another practice, your own dentist will refer you. This ensures you receive holistic and comprehensive care.

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