Teeth Whitening

A safer way to brighten your smile

Whitening your natural teeth can revitalise how you look by giving you a noticeably brighter smile. This simple treatment uses a gentle chemical process to remove discoloration, which may have been caused by certain food and drink (such as coffee and red wine), smoking or a build-up of stains over time.

Our whitening treatments are an effective way to lighten your teeth and, as we are a registered dental practice, we are legally allowed to carry out this smile enhancing procedure. This means you will receive professional supervision and the highest standards of clinical care.

Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone and will only work if the discolouration is caused by stains that will be affected by the action of the lightening chemical. It will not whiten crowns, composite fillings or dentures, and can only be performed on patients who are over eighteen with fully mature teeth.

All the front teeth can be bleached or we can pinpoint a single discoloured tooth. After an examination, we will recommend the most suitable method based on your oral condition and the cause of the discolouration.

Here are some examples of teeth we have whitened:

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