Minor Oral Surgery

We offer a range of minor oral surgical treatments, including the straightforward removal of a tooth that is beyond repair or the extraction of teeth to provide more space as part of orthodontic treatment. We often remove wisdom teeth because they have become impacted (unable to emerge properly) or they have insufficient space to be functional.

If an unusual lump or bump in the mouth or on the lips need to be removed, we have a contract with the Department of Pathology at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, so it may be sent for histopathological examination (studied under a microscope to check for disease).

Most minor oral surgical procedures are carried out under a local anaesthetic. Often the thought of a surgical procedure can be worse than the actual experience, but our approachable staff will always put you at ease. If you are very nervous, or the procedure will be more involved, then we may use sedation, in combination with a local anaesthetic, to help you feel relaxed. Occasionally, in extreme circumstances, a general anaesthetic may be required, in which case we can arrange a referral to hospital.

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