Dental Radiography

We use radiographs (x-rays) to more accurately diagnose certain dental diseases, for example, to detect decay in difficult to see places, such as under fillings or between teeth, or to find out how far gum disease has progressed.

Pre-operative radiographs (x-rays taken before a procedure takes place) can help us fully assess your dental situation, such as prior to removing teeth or carrying out root canal treatment. Radiographs may also be taken during or after treatment to assess the final result and allow for continued monitoring.

A safer option

As we use digital radiography, much less radiation exposure is required to create the image, which can be examined by your dentist and discussed without delay. Digitally stored radiographs can also be easily emailed to our colleagues if you need to be referred to another clinician but, rest assured, this is carried out using appropriate security encryption to safeguard confidential information.

Radiographs are used in strict accordance with current guidelines and legislation. All our radiography equipment is inspected and certified on a rolling maintenance basis by The Department of Medical Physics at The University of Aberdeen.

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